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Grede Values and Principles

At Grede, we believe it's important to measure our performance and to track the results of our people, assets and technology. The following values and principles will guide us in order to fulfill our responsibilities to employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate.

Safety and Health

The most important asset in our business is our employees. Grede is dedicated to maintaining a safe, clean and healthy working environment. We are committed to act responsibly within the communities in which we do business. Our objective is to provide quality products and services to our customers. We will conduct our business in the safest possible manner in order to ensure the well being of our employees. To accomplish this objective, we are committed to adhering with all applicable health and safety regulations, in providing the necessary training to our employees, and supporting the investment required to comply with this important principle.

Operational Excellence

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and providing a quality product to our customers. We will use customer measurements as our scorecard, will make decisions with our customer perspective in mind and will be responsive to their needs. Finally, we will continuously monitor our performance through key business metrics that are reviewed and monitored on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Commitment to Employees

We value our entire workforce and are dedicated to fair treatment, open communications and respect of every employee within our business. We are committed to open and timely communication to all our employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers on all matters. We will communicate clear expectations, evaluate results, provide constructive feedback and reward performance, accordingly.

Best-in-Class Practices

The company will continuously seek better means and methods of conducting our business and improving our processes. We will accomplish this by implementing lean initiatives and by sharing best practices throughout our business.

Long Term Value Creation

Our focus is on long term value creation through exceptional and dedicated management of our overall business. We are committed to creating value through oversight from our best-in-class management team while understanding our long term strategic focus. Since we are a capital intensive business, we understand that cash flow, return on investment and other financial objectives are key indicators of our progress. We are committed to adding value to our business and achieving the objectives of our shareholders.

Social Responsibility

We pledge to be honorable corporate citizens by supporting the communities in which we operate. We encourage employees to be involved in civic events through volunteerism. Moreover, we will protect the environment through “green” initiatives where feasible. After all, we’re the ultimate recycler!

Updated 02/02/11

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